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What is Web 3.0? – Explained

Posted on: August 12, 2022

We’re on the edge of a technology revolution that will involve AI, machine learning, 5G, and blockchain. Web 3.0 requires social, economic, and business reforms. Open-source software, the Internet of Things, and open access scholarly outputs are examples of the

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A few trends quietly trail away without leaving a mark behind, while others unexpectedly implode like it was always foreordained. Electronic bond trading belongs to the latter category. Digital transformation has upended the entire bond market, marking a rapid shift

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Despite the global epidemic wreaking havoc on all major economies on the planet, the cryptocurrency sector has continued to grow. During this pandemic, many crypto companies have sprung up to meet the ever-increasing demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch

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Given the volatility in the market around various cryptocurrency prices, we wanted to try out simple neural network on freely available data to see if we can predict crypto prices with reasonable accuracy and without requiring drastic computing resources. Data

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