Pirimid holds a strong expertise in providing perfectly integrated solutions that can be used to manage the end-to-end lending lifecycle.

Simplifying customer onboarding & complying with Know Your Customer(KYC).
Streamlining Loan Application Process, enhancing customer experiences & accessibility to financial services.
Making the Loan Application Process faster with robust underwriting engine to ensure consistent & fair evaluations.
Integrating e-signing for agreements, digitally generating loan documents & configuring banking information.
Automating disbursements & repayment collections contributes to the efficiency of financial services.

A cutting-edge solution designed to streamline lending processes.
Enhance customer experience & ensure accurate underwriting decisions.

Loan Origination System (LOS) Capabilities

Automated Application Processing
Automates the entire application process, from data collection to verification, ensuring accuracy and reducing processing time.
Comprehensive Credit Assessment
In-depth credit assessments, evaluating applicants' creditworthiness based on multiple data sources.
Seamless Document Management
Our system offers seamless document management, enabling applicants to upload necessary documents securely.
Real-time Collaboration and Communication
LOS offers real time updates to users about loan application status, quick responses to queries & custom friendly lending experience.
Customizable Workflows and Compliance Checks
Multiple loan products with diverse loan journeys can be managed through LOS ensuring that each step of the lending process is completed efficiently.
Analytics and Reporting Tools
LOS provides real-time reports and analytics on various aspects of the loan portfolio, such as performance, profitability, delinquency, etc.

Our End to End Digital Lending Capabilities

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

  • eKYC Checks
  • cKYC Checks
  • Penny Drop Verification
  • GSTIN Verification
  • PAN Verification
  • E2E Lending App
Data <br/> Sourcing


  • Bank Statement Analysis
  • GST Analysis
  • Bureau Check
  • SMS Analytics
  • Alternative Data Sourcing
Credit Review & Decisioning

Credit Review & Decisioning

  • Underwriting & Credit Assessment models
  • Risk Scoring & Ratings
  • Integration with Credit Bureaus
Loan <br/> Servicing


  • Loan Origination System
  • Loan Management System
  • e-signature of loan documents
  • Automated Repayment & Collections
  • Loan Closure
  • Due Generation
  • Advanced Early Warning System for Loan Portfolio
Collection Methodology

Collection Methodology

  • eNach
  • eMandate
  • Payment Aggregator

BRE Engine Offerings

Pirimid’s Business Rules Engine (BRE) is designed specifically for efficiency. In the rapidly evolving landscape of online lending where making accurate, swift, and risk-aware decisions is crucial. Automate complex decision-making processes on the below foundations: 

  • BRE engine to support any/ multiple loan products 
  • API Integration with multiple data sources
  • Rules Configuration & Implementation
  • Testing & Optimization

Ready to Revolutionize Your Digital Lending Process?

Implementing an intelligent layer in one of India's leading banks, BOB, addressed challenges arising from a lengthy procedure and inaccurate output. This integration streamlined the loan application process, enabling precise portfolio tracking throughout the loan lifecycle.

Funnel Improvement
7-9X Higher Conversions: Instant, OTP-based process Beats traditional bank statement uploads
Foolproof Security
AA data directly from the primary bank, no falsification
Better Monitoring
BOB collects monthly bank statements, monitors credit behavior, and offers personalized deals
Reduced TAT
The dashboard helps officers collect bank statements in minutes, which previously took hours.
Overcome digital lending challenges & simplify complex loan approval criteria.

Build an end-to-end digital lending journey in less than 5 mins.

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