Pirimid APIs

Implement your quant based portfolio optimization strategy and use it from wherever you want. We will not let you worry about the development and maintenance cost.

Optimization Strategy

We have most of the Discuss your strategy and choose from readymade strategies available


Need to incorporate specific businesses nuances? We can customize the models to fit your business needs.

Deep Learning

We use deep learning techniques to continuously optimize variables to make it better everyday

AI based transaction categorization solution to help you maximize the value of your customer data and enhance your decision making processes. It is an unprecedented solution to understand what your customers preferences are and how much they can borrow.

Neural Net

We have trained our model using more than 1 million transaction records to recognize 12 categories.


Solution is based on NLP to recognize unstructured texts.

Feedback Loop

We have deployed feedback loops to constantly refine our output

Go paperless and transform customer onboarding with our AI based KYC verification tools. It reduces customer onboarding from weeks to a few minutes, highly cost-effective with added security features. We provide you with the ability to effectively use the device camera and quickly onboard a customer. Seamless Customer On-Boarding by scanning a Passport or ID card with 3D selfie technology. Verify and Authenticate your customer remotely in real time. It can work offline or can be stored on the cloud or use it your way using our SDK / API’s.

Scan & Read ID Proofs

OCR Scanner to read and extract basic information from ID proofs.

Face Match Engine & Fraud Checks

Multiple check-points to check if the person himself was present during KYC verification including a Face matching engine to match selfie photos with photo in ID.


Model provides immediate result whether to approve or reject the KYC

AI based equity research report summarization. Generate a comprehensive summary of 30+ reports in a fraction of time. Our solution is not just limited to a basic summary; there is much more to it.

Ease of Use

Get the gist of all research report related to a stock at a glance. Makes it easier to track multiple stocks without going through 30+ reports for each stock

Keep Key Facts Intact

Summarization doesn’t mean losing key details. Our API extracts important text from each report along with the signals generated.

Ease of Integration

We have kept the JSON format with the key fields intact like stock name, sector, research institution, target price, etc., so as to enable easy integration with any real-time alert generating trading terminal.

Pirimid’s Credit Health Score API provides easy access to embed advanced functionality on your websites and mobile apps without wasting time and money on development. Our solution has helped clients to create products and services for previously unserved markets. Our solution is based on advanced machine learning technology using predictive technology to recommend best class decision to clients.

Deep Learning

We use machine learning techniques to deep mine data for higher precision in output. Based on our experience, we do not consider statistical modeling for nonlinear data relationships

Predictive Technology

To recommend whom to accept and whom to reject

Data Points

We have built a comprehensive model which supports more than 300 data points to make output more accurate and insightful.

Machine learning-based solution to use correlation data between stock price movements and sentiment from news and social media to predict stock price movement. From the available news we decide the sentiments and provide access to real time sentiment data.

Company Sentiments

Returns sentiments of a company such as negative, neutral, and positive with their probabilities.


Returns available sectors names which belong to related companies

News Analysis

Returns News details which is used to calculate the sentiments.

2 Ways to use Our Pretrained Models

Our APIs makes it super easy to use our models across devices and platforms

Have requirement to build, train & deploy

Custom AI model at scale?

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