Introducing Robo-Advisory Platform from Pirimid

Our solution is customizable according to clients’ business model and robust with advanced analytics and modelling engine to make it the preferred option globally.

  • Create Automated Portfolios

    Create an efficient portfolio in matter of seconds and receive trading/ rebalancing insights from our AI based stock ranking algorithm

  • Personalized Portfolios

    Our platform has the ability to identify the end goal of the investment along with risk profile of every individual to recommend the best asset class allocation meeting their investments and risk criteria.

  • Adaptive AI based trading advice

    Personalized advisories can be provided using our proprietary and adaptive AI/ML stock ranking algorithms

  • Flexible Deployment

    Solution could be deployed via web or mobile app

Instant Portfolios & consistent optimization

The platform supports building and managing several portfolios for each users. Alternatively users can create their own custom Robo portfolios and let our optimization engine provide advice as to when to rebalance their stocks and ETFs.

Powerful adaptive AI to predict stock price movement early in its cycle

We have proprietary technologies such as –AI based Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neural Network based models to understand the sentiment of the market and individual stocks, stock ranking engine using fundamentals and technical data and many more similar technologies which we can integrate to the Robo-Advisory platform in order to provide an exceptional trading experience.

Goal based tracking

Our solution offers individual goal based performance tracking to see where investors stands in achieving their predefined investment goals.


To personalize the trade recommendations and portfolio management, our platform leverage risk profiles, current portfolios and trading patterns of individual investors.

Catch us Early and Avoid Drawdowns

AI-based advisories largely catch us in stock early in its cycle and also identifies when we no longer holds, thus preventing drawdowns. The flat line in the portfolio here indicates that when the market is in a downturn, Our advisories are holding money and not invested in terms of advisory.

AI-driven stock advisory on the go

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What We Are Offering

Our Robo-Advisory platform is an ideal solution for a firm planning to launch Robo-Advisory platform or willing to upgrade their existing platform with a more advanced solution.

We can customize the end-product based on each clients’ business need and it could be deployed easily as a web-app over cloud or an android/ iOS mobile app. We have in-house technologies developed for AI based portfolio optimization model, customer onboarding solution and risk profiling engine to ease in deployment of the final product.

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