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with the highest quality, robust software systems and workflows.

Solutions We Deliver

We are dedicated to solving financial challenges using cutting edge technology

We help hedge funds implement digital transformation by shifting our hedge fund clients to a more automated approach that works better, generate more trade insights and cost less.

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Powered by predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, our EWS system redefines how banks manage their loan portfolio.

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Our Robo Advisory Solution turns wealth management on auto-pilot mode and is customizable and robust with advanced analytics and modeling engine to make it the preferred option globally.

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We are Technology Service Providers in Account Aggregation (AA) Ecosystem. Based on our vast global experience, we provide expert consulting & end to end development services for AA implementation.

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Switch to error-free data captures using our APIs built using NLP and implement your quant based portfolio optimization strategy and use it from wherever you want.

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Applications on the Web3 primarily have to be coded to use decentralized computing, and hence use different data models, and languages/frameworks behind the scenes to make the application run seamlessly.

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Consulting Services We Provide

Our Software Development Services include expertise in

Capital Markets

  • Order and Execution management systems
  • Low latency, High Frequency, REST/FIX API Trading
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Matching Engine, Dark Pool, ECN

Banking, Payments, Wallet

  • Open Banking APIs
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Big Data, Machine Learning & Cloud Computing
  • Mobile/Online Banking Systems, Apps, Chatbots
  • Complete NBFC Solutions
  • Digital Wallet Creation

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Develop AI Product Strategy
  • Deep Learning & Predictive Analytics
  • Model building and management
  • Experimentation services
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Stock Directional Networks

Blockchain & Crypto

  • Building Smart contracts
  • Business process automation
  • Banking
  • KYC & Identity Utility
  • Hyperledger Framework

Companies We Help

We've worked on a variety of projects, each with a unique problem set and perspective

Trading Screen - New York, United States


NewYork, United States

BID FX - London, England


London, England


London, England


NewYork, United States

Ariana Investment Management



Edinburgh, Scotland

Black Star Advisors





Tel Aviv

Bank Of Baroda


Why Companies Choose Pirimid

Our expertise lies in the process we follow and the cutting edge technology and techniques we offer

Seamless extension to your existing teams
We believe in
non-dogmatic Agile.
We develop a tailored
solution with you.
Technical excellence and
well-documented code are
baked into our DNA.


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