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Financial Information Provider

Banks and other FIPs can now seamlessly be a part of the AA ecosystem using our pre-built modules enabling CBS integration, Account Discovery, Consent management, and Account Linking


Financial Information User

FIUs can now get instant API access to analytics using AA data for Cashflow analysis, Transaction Categorization, EMI Data, Fixed Obligation to Income ratio, Suspicious activity, and Counter-Party Analysis

Banking Transaction Reports

  • Get transactions from all accounts (Savings, Current & FD) across multiple banks at the click of a button
  • Significantly reduce processing time for Audit, Tax, Loan Underwriting & Customer Onboarding processes

Transaction Categorization

  • Understand recurring and non-recurring sources of income and spendings across all accounts
  • Use NLP to categorize transactions and get deep insights on client spending patterns

Credit Scoring, Underwriting & EWS

  • Improved loan underwriting models by analyzing income, spending habits, outstanding loans, GST & ITR
  • Reduce NPA by having access to real-time data across various client accounts
  • Build Consumer Apps for viewing all active loans, balances & smart credit management

Personal Finance & Banking Chatbots

  • Get a complete financial picture in single dashboard tracking:
    • Savings Accounts
    • Investments
    • Active loans
    • Insurances
  • Use power of analytics for Budget Planning, Setting Financial Goals, and personalized Tax Saving Products
  • Easily build Banking Chatbots & Wealth Advisory Platforms utilizing the AA eco-system

AML & KYC Compliance

  • Automate Customer OnBoarding and KYC processes with confirmation of required funds
  • Run real-time checks for AML across client accounts verifying the legitimacy of the source of these funds

Accounts Reconciliation

  • Get Smarter ERP systems producing reconciliation statements on a real-time basis
  • Automate GST data reconciliation to ensure the quality of suppliers and transparent procurement processes

2 Ways to use Our Pre-Built Modules

Freedom to deploy AA modules as per your need - On-Premise or using APIs

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